Critical Evaluation

Overall, I am delighted with our finished HabLab. I feel that having a small team worked in our favour; meaning that we were able to discuss and agree on design solutions more quickly and it forced us to manage our time properly, with everyone pitching in to help with each others’ mini projects, ensuring we had our HabLab completed on time.

HabLab Evaluation

Our HabLab is very striking and I’m glad we eventually came to the decision to keep everything within a black-grey-white colour scheme as this makes the installation feel classy and intimidating rather than cartoonish and immature. I believe we stayed true to our original vision of an archetypal safe home setting being made to feel uneasy and threatening. I think the string partitions are particularly effecting in creating an interesting barrier between inside and out whilst creating a striking pattern through which you view our HabLab. I think the stairs however, may blend in too much with the surrounding similar pattern and would have liked the stairs to have made a bolder statement, possibly making better use of the space they occupy around and above the HabLab.


Video Evaluation

I was also very pleased with the video for our team HabLab. The voice-over explanation really lent itself to the atmosphere of our video and HabLab and effectively covered all the relevant and interesting information about our HabLab and our influences. Some of the voice-over recordings were done at different times leading to a slightly different sounds in places but this also worked in our favour as the last few sentences sounder deeper and sinister. I think the diagonal slice through each slide of images is unique and helps bring each image together in the final video. I was a little disappointed that the video played so quietly when we presented it in class so we should ensure we have a speaker next time. Adobe Spark was very easy to use and helped me to produce what I feel is a very professional looking video.



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